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Dion vamose eloquently?
  • Matrix powders
  • Tungsten carbide pellets
  • Tungsten thermal spray (HVOF) hardfacing powders
  • Nozzles and bore liners
  • Other select cemented carbide wear parts.

Components Made to Spec for OEM Manufacturers of Downhole Tools and Motor Parts:

Fishing Tools:

  • Basket grapples
  • Spear grapples
  • Spiral grapples
  • Top sub
  • Bumper subs
  • Lipped guides
  • Adapters
  • Bowls
  • Control guide
  • Mandrels
  • Pressure bodies

Motor Parts:

  • Bearing adapters
  • Floating piston assembly
  • Piston housing
  • Thrust housing
  • Rotor adapter
  • Lock housing
  • Bearing mandrels
  • Drive shafts

Mud Pumps:

  • Mud pump liners
  • Fluid ends: Forged and machined.

Tool Joints (with and without threads):

  • NC50: ID (2.750” – 3.750”), Min OD 6.125”
  • NC46: ID (2.250” – 3.250”), Min OD 5.750”
  • NC40: ID (2.437” – 2.812”), Min OD 5.125”
  • NC38: ID (2.125” – 2.562”), Min OD 4.625”
  • NC31: 4.125” OD x 2” ID
  • NC26: 3/375” OD x 1.5” ID

Ready to discuss your oil & gas equipment parts sourcing needs? Talk to TTI today to learn how we can help.