About TTI

TTI is the partner of choice for oil & gas equipment manufacturers looking to reduce component costs.

From tool joints to materials for high-wear drill bits, oil and gas exploration entails a range of extremely demanding applications involving precision metal parts.

Oil RigSuccess in oil & gas exploration and production is heavily reliant on high-quality, reliable equipment. For oil & gas equipment makers to stay competitive in their market, they must appease their customers’ demands for lower cost parts, without compromising component quality.

TTI Energizes Oil & Gas Enterprise Performance.

At TTI, we understand the mission-critical nature of the metal parts this industry relies on, and have built a reputation over the past 25 years for helping equipment manufacturers reduce their component costs without sacrificing quality. Through our carefully vetted global network of suppliers, we provide an unmatched option for cost reductions.

Our expert engineers work with you every step of the way in determining the optimal manufacturing processes to consistently produce metal components that meet your specifications every time, and meet your production schedules on-time. And with globally-reaching logistics operations, we handle everything for you from the initial sourcing to final ongoing product delivery.

Tungsten Carbide Products for Oil & Gas:

  • Amonium Metatungstate (AMT)
  • Tungsten Powder (W)
  • Tungsten Carbide powder (WC)
  • Cast tungsten carbide
  • Macro-crystalline
  • Matrix powders
  • Tungsten carbide pellets
  • Tungsten thermal spray (HVOF) hardfacing powders
  • Nozzles and bore liners
  • Other select cemented carbide wear parts.

Components Made to Spec for OEM Manufacturers of Downhole Tools and Motor Parts:

Fishing Tools:

  • Basket grapples
  • Spear grapples
  • Spiral grapples
  • Top sub
  • Bumper subs
  • Lipped guides
  • Adapters
  • Bowls
  • Control guide
  • Mandrels
  • Pressure bodies

Motor Parts:

  • Bearing adapters
  • Floating piston assembly
  • Piston housing
  • Thrust housing
  • Rotor adapter
  • Lock housing
  • Bearing mandrels
  • Drive shafts

Mud Pumps:

  • Mud pump liners
  • Fluid ends: Forged and machined.

Tool Joints (with and without threads):

  • NC50: ID (2.750” – 3.750”), Min OD 6.125”
  • NC46: ID (2.250” – 3.250”), Min OD 5.750”
  • NC40: ID (2.437” – 2.812”), Min OD 5.125”
  • NC38: ID (2.125” – 2.562”), Min OD 4.625”
  • NC31: 4.125” OD x 2” ID
  • NC26: 3/375” OD x 1.5” ID

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